The Renfrew County Plowman

2016 Match on Robdot Farms

We have only recently had our follow-up meeting (January 2017) to go over the results of the 2016 Plowing Match at Robdot Farms outside Cobden. Despite another day of patchy weather we are pleased to announce that the Match was well attended and a good event.

We wish to thank the Edward's family again for hosting the event and helping to put together a great Site and Match. This was a well-organised and planned site and we had many compliments on the layout and features - and this should be taken as a nod to the sponsor-sites, vendors, and entertainers and displays that make the Site what it is.

Visitors through the gate in the morning (bright and mild) were very good, and we had our largest crowds just before the mid-day Antiques Parade. Despite the weather deteriorating and the beginning of rain, many people continued to stay, and we thank them and those visitors who continued to arrive in the afternoon to take in the Match.

Competitive Plowing was difficult to proceed but a few plowmen managed to get some furrows in, and we will be posting their results.

We are happy then to say that we had a visitor turnout of 70-75% of a typical good attendance.

The Match can only be a success with the support of the community. For all the visitors, and the hard-working sponsors, vendors, particpants and volunteers, WE THANK YOU!