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2018 Plowing Match Site

Brief Summary of the 2018 Plowing Match

Stewart Farms, Barr Line, Douglas ON

Another Plowing Match is finished, and the Plowmen's Association can thank our hosts, and everyone involved for putting on a great Match, and one of the best in attendance (and weather!) in recent years.

There are many who attended that will first say, 'too HOT!' - but considering that a thunderstorm the night before left an inch of rain in the surrounding area, and only a light shower at the site - well, HOOEY!

The sun came out for good around 10am, and with it the heat. But with the parking lot filling and a line of cars at the entrances, it was going to be a busy day.

And it was - over 1300 adults and 300 children through the gate, and with all the participants and volulnteers on site, we had over 2000 people for the day.

Almost everything went off like clockwork (even a replacement threshing mill thanks to Allan Lance), and we have had many, many compliments from the public and participants that there was plenty to see and do.

Please do take a look  through our site pages to view the names and attractions that our participants brought in for the day. It is their efforts and spirit that makes the Match the success it is, and again we wish to thank every one of them for continuing to be part of our event.

In the coming days, we will get more results, photos and updates posted to give you a full view of the day.